'V FOR ALL' is a non-profitable, nonpolitical organisation established with the 'service to all' motto.
'Serving the needy in whatever way possible and to the extent possible' has what prompted us, a group of Professionals, Social activists, intellectuals and philanthropists to form this organisation.
To lend a helping hand to the needy and affected people in times of natural calamities and disasters is our motto.
Presently when the entire humanity is facing the onslaught of an unprecedented deadly epidemic and all sections of the society particularly the down trodden and the marginalized are in dire need of every possible help and assistance, let us reach out to them.
Since the demands are varied and there is dire necessity for assistance and support in every possible manner, we have formed various teams to lend a helping hand to the needy.
▪️ Group of Eminent Doctors ,Physicians, Pharmacologists, pharmacists and para medicals to offer telemedicine facilities.
▪️ Group of Psychiatrists, Counsellors to give psychosocial support to the depressed lot
▪️Group to render Relief and Rehabilitation services by supporting them financially to meet their immediate needs and also to provide Interest Free Loan to Small vendors to revive their Businesses.
▪️Group of leading lawyers to give expert opinion to the people on legal issues and to assist in legal proceedings in the courts of law
▪️Group to develop and set up isolation homes and quarentine centres
▪️Group to provide emergency medical care, medication, hospital admission, and oxygen access to all victims of the disease.
▪️Group to help the people by organising free vaccination camps and to create awareness on the importance of vaccination among the people.
At present, many Good Samaritans and Organisations are engaged in similar relief activities across Tamilnadu and we have joined hands with them to ensure that the benefit reaches all sections of people.
This organization has been working tirelessly since the inception with the consented support of the people at all levels.
We invite those who intend to help the people with the spirit of social service, monitarily and otherwise to alleviate the suffering of the people.
"Let's work together"
"Let's create a world where no one is deprived of the basic necessities of life."